Miriam Thought A Timeshare Would Make Vacationing Affordable For Her Family

Miriam and her family agree that not all that glitters is gold. That is especially true after their experience on a timeshare sales presentation. We hope that by sharing Miriam’s story, it exposes the underhanded tactics timeshare salespeople use in scamming innocent people into buying timeshares. We have changed the names of people and organizations for privacy reasons.

“All we wanted was an opportunity to vacation with our children and grandchildren every year. We are on a fixed income. We thought that owning a timeshare would help us vacation more affordably. We were wrong. The fees only went up and we could never get a reservation. They also promised us that we could travel anywhere in their network. Well, that was a lie. We were not able to go to the places that we wanted to.”

The memories Miriam has of her sales experience are one of constant pressure and discomfort.

“They assured us that the cost would never go up. They kept us in the presentation for 7 hours and just kept hounding us. It was horrible. We signed just because we could not take it anymore.”

It wasn’t long before Miriam realized that they had gotten themselves into a horrific financial situation.

“Every time we paid one fee, they would just come up with another one. They kept tricking me into upgrading. I felt like our bank account was pillaged by vikings. It was horrible. A $550 annual fee turned into $1,750. I don’t even want to talk about the assessment fees, either.”

After her forth upgrade, Miriam needed to find a way to terminate her timeshare. That is when she found Fastest Exit on Google.

“I was fed up, and so I started looking for ways we could get rid of our timeshare. Selling or renting a viable option. I needed to find a reputable timeshare exit company that would make the exit as smooth as possible. That is when I found Fastest Exit.”

The people at Fastest Exit were very helpful. They helped Miriam terminate her time exit agreement, saving her from over $86,000 in timeshare mortgage debt from her most recent upgrade. Thankfully, she is now timeshare free.

“Fastest Exit was great. I could not have gotten out of my tricky financial situation without them.”

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Fastest Exit Saved Tom and Ashley from the Timeshare Trap

Tom and Ashley Were Caught in the Timeshare Trap

Tom and Ashley took a family vacation. Shortly after they arrived at the resort, they were approached by timeshare salesmen and put in a brutal sales presentation that lasted almost seven hours. They had not even gotten the chance to use the pool at the resort.

Here is their account, and we hope it enlightens you on some of the tactics used by timeshare salesmen to dupe people into making purchases they end up regretting. 

“They offered us nice perks that would come along with the timeshare, and it was hard to say no. We were unsure but the salesmen went back and forth with more incentives to get us to buy. We were pressured and just gave in after a while.”

A free trip to Hawaii was also promised alongside the purchase. It never happened. Tom and Ashley could not use their timeshare and found themselves in the common problem most timeshare owners face–not enough points and no availability.

“We were unable to book trips with the amount of points we had purchased. We could not take any other trips with this membership. What hurt the most was that we were paying monthly for it.”

Tom and Ashley were caught in the timeshare trap where they needed to buy more points or upgrade to accommodate family travel continuously.

“All the trips we took after were solely paid out of pocket.” 

The couple had plans to save for future expenses like retirements, future trips, and their children’s college tuition. They found Fastest Exit while looking for timeshare exit companies and decided to give it a try. With the help of Fastest Exit, Tom and Ashley have secured their future and the future of their kids. Thankfully, their timeshare agreement has been terminated, and they will not have to worry about those extra expenses again. 

If you know someone with a similar experience with their timeshare, please don’t hesitate to pass on our contact information. They may qualify for our timeshare termination services.

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Fastest Exit Saved John from a Money-Eating Timeshare

A Money-Eating Timeshare was Not Part of John’s Retirement Plan

John spent decades in the construction industry. He thought timeshare would be a great investment for his retirement plan. The timeshare salespeople sold him the idea that purchasing a timeshare would help drive down the cost of vacations. He found out that this was far from the truth.

Here’s a first-hand experience John had with timeshare salespeople. We hope this uncovers some of the tactics used in persuading people to buy a timeshare, and you don’t fall for them. We have changed the names for privacy reasons.

During the presentation, I was offered this specific timeshare. They promised me how wonderful it would be because it would allow me to travel to many places and at a very cheap rate. I was hooked. However, this didn’t last long because I discovered the truth.

John knew he had to do something about this, seeing that it sucked money from his account monthly for maintenance fees.

I think what triggered my worry was the out-of-control maintenance and mandatory membership fees, which were monthly. I was paying about $4,000 per year for both payments. That didn’t make sense, especially for a retiree like me who is on a fixed income.

Having realized he had been misled into buying a timeshare that hurt his finances, he began to look for exit options.

“Unfortunately, they will never buy back the timeshare from you. It’s also tough,to find someone willing to buy your timeshare. I tried, but it was unsuccessful. I felt trapped, but I kept reaching out to friends for help.”

Thankfully, John’s relative had a similar experience and had worked with Fastest Exit to terminate his timeshare agreement. After his relative shared a first-hand experience about how we helped him, he immediately reached out to us.

“The team at Fastest Exit was very helpful and patient. They had done this many times and knew exactly how to tackle my matter. I was so excited when I got the termination letter. It seemed impossible, but now I feel so free that it’s been done.”

 If John’s timeshare situation sounds familiar to someone you know, please don’t hesitate to pass on our contact information. We would be more than happy to help with our timeshare termination services.

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