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Stuck with a Raintree Vacation Club timeshare you don’t want?

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Fastest Exit is here to help.

Did you attend a 90-minute Raintree Vacation Club sales presentation which quickly turned into buyer’s remorse and a financial disaster? Fastest Exit is here to help. Our team of professionals will help you exit your Raintree Vacation Club timeshare quickly and safely.

Getting rid of your Raintree Vacation Club timeshare is simple when you work with the Fastest Exit team. Our team has the experience you need to help you secure a timeshare release. We have helped customers cancel countless timeshare contracts with many different companies over the years.

The Fastest Exit you through the process of quitting of your timeshare. When all is said and done, you will have your much-needed timeshare relief. You will be free of your timeshare and any associated mortgage, maintenance, and assessment fees. Our customers have saved thousands of dollars after working with us. Get in touch with our team today to take that first step towards freedom from your timeshare.

There are many other companies advertise that they can help you get rid of your timeshare for free. You could try them but they don’t deliver results. Fastest Exit provides quality service that actually meets the customer’s needs. Our customers are always free of their timeshare burdens for good.

Raintree Vacation Club makes it very difficult to get out of one of their timeshares. Fastest Exit provides quick and affordable permanent solutions to most timeshare dilemmas. Give us a call or fill out the contact form for a no-obligation consultation. Our team of experts is standing by to help you solve any problems you might have relating to timeshares.

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Our team will sit down with you to review and understand your unique ownership situation. We will let you know what type of ownership you have and how it will impact your financial goals. We will also let you know how we can help you. You’ll need to send us all your paperwork after the consultation so we can prepare for your exit.


After we get all your paperwork, we will have a good understanding of your ownership situation. Our team will be able to identify the best exit strategy for you. We have an extensive network of partners who will help you transfer ownership or exit your timeshare all together.


Our team will manage the complex timeshare exit process on your behalf while keeping you informed. The amount of time it takes to successfully exit a timeshare varies wildly. Fastest Exit helps most owners exit in 60 to 90 days with the most complex cases taking about a year.


You’re finally out of your timeshare and any associated maintenance fees. After the exit is complete, we will send you confirmation documents showing you that you are free and clear of your timeshare obligations. You’ll be on the path to financial peace of mind.

Exit your Raintree Vacation Club timeshare the right way.

Fastest Exit provides timeshare release services because our goal is to help people free themselves from difficult financial situations. Some timeshare salespeople are unethical. They pressure and outright lie to people to get them to purchase a timeshare at any cost. Some people think timeshares are investments and they commit a lot of money based upon that logic. In truth, they’re actually the quite the opposite using turning into a source of frustration and worry.

Fastest Exit is not a law firm and we don’t want you thinking that at all. We are timeshare industry professionals with years of experience and we have the experience you need to help you quit your timeshare. Our team develops a custom strategy for every client because every ownership situation is unique. We get results making sure that the timeshare is safely cancelled.

The timeshare industry creates new schemes and legal instruments continually to lure consumers into purchasing their product. We stay current with their tactics and we can beat them at their own game. Timeshare scammers are pretty slick but we know their games and we want to work with you.

Getting a timeshare release is not a simple process. The industry always has complicated forms and agreements that they will throw at you. You might consider hiring an attorney but there is no guarantee that they will be successful or have the experience we do in dealing with the timeshare industry. An attorney could set you back in legal fees and extend the process so long that you would have to pay several more maintenance fees.

Fastest Exit makes the timeshare relief process quick and affordable. We’re not interested in wasting your time or money like some other companies. We will help you get out of your timeshare obligations safely and permanently. When you’re finally ready to quit your timeshare, contact us and we’ll help you be done with your timeshare for good.

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