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A few timeshare exit success stories

We bought a timeshare 5 years ago we thought it would be an investment! Our fees have more than tripled in only 5 years! We just could not go on like that. My husband found Fastest Exit online and within a few short months we were free! No more fees!

–Justine Robinson

So thankful to the team at Fastest Exit! Finally able to get rid of my timeshare nightmare.

–Glenn Norton

We had 4 years worth of payments and really believed we were stuck with this debt! We almost had given up when our son found Fastest Exit for us. We are so grateful for all the help.

–Joanne & Mitchell Jenkins

Our honeymoon almost caused our divorce. We went on a cruise and everything was amazing until we went on a timeshare presentation! We bought the membership and realized when we got home that it was too late to do anything about our foolish mistake! The resort wouldn’t help us at all. After 6 months of constant fighting we hired Fastest Exit as a last stitch effort! We are so glad we did! We are happy to report that we are still married and we no longer own our timeshare.

–Monica & Russ Edwards

We just didn’t know where else to turn, we were so frustrated with our timeshare. We had tried to sell it, we tried to rent it. We even tried to give it away! Nobody wanted out timeshare including us! Fastest Exit was a prayer answered. Our timeshare contract was dissolved without any penalty to us!

–Jim & Margaret Mathers

We love to travel, however, it was much more expensive to do it using our timeshare. Now, we are retired and on a fixed income. We were looking for options to get rid of our timeshare! Fastest Exit helped us out. This is the way out folks!

–Deb & Jeff Duncan

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