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Our team will sit down with you to review and understand your unique ownership situation. We will let you know what type of ownership you have and how it will impact your financial goals. We will also let you know how we can help you. You’ll need to send us all your paperwork after the consultation so we can prepare for your exit.


After we get all your paperwork, we will have a good understanding of your ownership situation. Our team will be able to identify the best exit strategy for you. We have an extensive network of partners who will help you transfer ownership or exit your timeshare all together.


Our team will manage the complex timeshare exit process on your behalf while keeping you informed. The amount of time it takes to successfully exit a timeshare varies wildly. Fastest Exit helps most owners exit in 60 to 90 days with the most complex cases taking about a year.


You’re finally out of your timeshare and any associated maintenance fees. After the exit is complete, we will send you confirmation documents showing you that you are free and clear of your timeshare obligations. You’ll be on the path to financial peace of mind.

Questions We Will Ask You

In order for us best to help you exit your timeshare as quickly and safely as possible, we have provided below some questions that we will ask you during your free consultation.

  • Is your timeshare paid-in-full, or are still making mortgage payments?
  • Who is the timeshare developer? What is the resort?
  • Is your timeshare located in the US, Mexico, Canada, or another country?
  • Do you have a deeded week or a points contract?
  • Are you current on your timeshare maintenance fees and mortgage, or are you in arrears?

To get you out of your contract, we need to see it first.

We cannot plan a safe, legal timeshare exit without seeing your individual timeshare. During your call with a Fastest Exit associate, they will ask you to send in your contract so we can review it. If you want to exit your timeshare as quickly as possible, we recommend that you send us your timeshare contract before your no-obligation consultation. For your convenience, there are three ways to send us your contract.


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