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Canceled Timeshare and Helped Recover $35,000

This is a little hard for me to say but I need to come clean. I was scammed. While on vacation in Mexico, I purchased a horrible timeshare without understanding the fine print. It felt a little fishy at first but the salesman reassured me and ran my credit card. When I got back to my hotel room, I regretted making the purchase and I contacted the Fastest Exit team. It was probably the smartest thing I could have done after making such a horrible mistake.

The Fastest Exit team clarified to me exactly what I had purchased. It turned out to be a right to use timeshare for one week exactly one time. The total bill for this timeshare was $35,000. It was during the right of recision period but I was so exhausted and emotionally broken from the sales pitch that I needed help and Fastest Exit was there for me. They got me out of the contract immediately. I got my money back and they filed a complaint with the Mexican government. All I can say is that these guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to timeshares.

–Tammy G.

One horrible timeshare, one non-existent. Both problems fixed.

I had a unique situation when I contacted Fastest Exit. I was saddled with a horrible timeshare with really nasty fluctuating maintenance fees and I just wanted it gone. I also had another timeshare with a resort that ran into financial difficulties and folded. A new ownership group took over the property and would not honor the timeshare that I had purchased with the former resort. You could only imagine the sinking feeling I felt when I realized I threw thousands of dollars down the drain. Thankfully, I came across Fastest Exit. They canceled my first timeshare and while they could not recover money from the defunct hotel, they provided me with some solid advice on how I could recover financially from the second. I’m not planning on buying any more timeshares but if I needed them canceled, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Fastest Exit again.

–Rick H.

Anthony, my rep who helped me get rid of my timeshare, made me laugh. He put me and my wife at ease. He turned what was a stressful situation into just another easily resolved problem. I’m really glad not to be paying another maintenance fee.

–Ruben Porter

The people at work told me that I probably wasn’t going to be able to get out of my timeshare. That’s what my father-in-law said too. Well, I’m here to say it wasn’t true. The team at Fastest Exit was able to and it all happened pretty fast too, just like the name says.

–Zack Nielsen

Getting rid of the timeshare was an easier decision than buying it was. The way that Fastest Exit got me out of looked even easier than that. That’s all they do so it seems like they know the ins and outs of it pretty well. Glad my family can put all that behind us.

–Manuel Zepeda

I wanted to thank Fastest Exit for helping me exit my timeshare. All of the staff that I dealt with were very helpful and responsive. The process was easy and efficient.

–Sylvia Jackson

I was pleased how the cancellation was handled. It takes about 4 months from start to finish if you want to cancel your timeshare, it won’t be the next day with any company. But this company kept me abreast of any changes and would advise on what to do if asked. I will be using them again for my other timeshares.

–Andy and Theresa Warner

A+ service! Fast and efficient! What more could you want when you’re trying to get out of your timeshare? Highest recommendation.

–Ann Marie Leclerc

My husband passed and I can vacation anymore I couldn’t afford the maintenance fees that kept getting more expensive every year. So I employed Fastest Exit and they helped me. Everyone was kind and professional.

–Evelyn Rogers

I am skeptical of everything you buy on the internet, but my wife was so ready to try anything to get us out of our Westin timeshare I took a chance with Fastest Exit! Happy to report that I am more than happy with the results. This one was a winner!

–Robert King

Can’t say enough good things! Staff was professional and kept us informed all throughout. We no longer own our Mayan timeshare. We dealt with Michelle Davis and she was terrific.

–Barb and Mike Grant

I’d have to give Fastest Exit five out of five stars. No complaints! Glad I called. There is a difference between timeshare removal companies. My friend told me that the company he contacted at first said they’d be able to get her out of her timeshare. Then, when they got a look at the document and started to go to work on it, they were stopped. They had to give my friend his money back. There was some language in there that irrevocably bound him to the contract. I told him and his wife about Fastest Exit and they started the process and it was done in a week. There are timeshare removal companies and then there are timeshare REMOVAL companies. They’re the best. Period. I bet there’s not a timeshare contract that’s been written that they can’t get you out of.

–Douglass Maxwell

My parents ended up with a timeshare when they went on a vacation to Mexico. They had enjoyed themselves and, I guess, they didn’t want to leave. Well, when we took a look at the contract it was full of a lot of things that they hadn’t mentioned. It even said, right in there, that there was going to cost $10,000 to cancel! They were both in a panic when I looked up on the internet and found these guys. They assured me that some of those charges the timeshare company put in the contract weren’t legal. It was a lot easier to be rid of it than I had thought. It was also a lot faster too. It’s a shame that there’s crooks out there but it’s great that there are people like Fastest Exit who can take care of the situation.

–Greg Montgomery

My aunt told me about Fastest Exit and I’m glad she did. The weeks my husband got off for vacation were never the weeks we could go. They told us we could go anywhere but none of the other properties appealed to us. Fastest Exit may or may not be the fastest exit from a timeshare but they do know a lot about getting out of them. I was glad to have them on my side because that was a lot of small print on my contract. I was glad I could trust them to get the job done right the first time.

–Charli K.

Fastest Exit made quitting my timeshare effortless. They were very responsive with questions and requests that I sent via email and handled everything when the time came to transfer my timeshare back to the resort. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is trying to get rid of their timeshare.

–Angelo Spinelli

The information and status flow was good. The closing service was excellent considering my own tardiness. What was promised was delivered.

–Beth Shoemaker

I recently cancelled my timeshare with your company. Everyone was very helpful. My questions were answered promptly. I was always kept up to date on the progress of the cancellation. Timeshares are usually difficult to get rid of, I thank you for all of your help in cancelling mine.

–Geraldine French

Well, they did everything they said they were going to do. What more is there to say? The timeshare was always booked when we could go and I’m glad to not have to pay the maintenance fee anymore.

–Brandon Brach

Fastest Exit cancelled my timeshare. The process was straightforward and the assistance was very good. Thank you.

–Russ Goldman

We found Fastest Exit searching on the internet for help with our timeshare. We needed out fast, so went for it! All I can say is, I have saved thousands by clearing myself of this. Speedy and efficient all the way.

–Anibal Fernandez

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