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How much does it cost to exit my timeshare?

Every timeshare ownership situation is different. Even at the same resort, ownership situations can be very different. With that being said, there is no cookie cutter approach to securing a timeshare release and that carries over to the fee structure.

Fastest Exit will assess your specific ownership situation and will determine the exit fee required to release you from your timeshare burden.

Can my family inherit my timeshare?

According to the American Resort Development Association, 74% of timeshares have consumers in lifetime contracts and many of these have perpetuity commitments. Inheritance is a legal matter and you should seek counsel. However, Fastest Exit can help with estate planning by exiting most timeshare obligations for the benefit of the family.

How long does the process usually take?

Most exits take less than 12 months but it depends on your unique ownership situation. If your timeshare is free and clear with no mortgage, it may take only 3 to 9 months at most. Keep in mind that the time to exit varies by resort. They naturally will have delays in place to keep owners from cancelling their timeshare. If you have a past due fee or any other sort of financial obligation, the process takes longer.

Will I get the money I paid for my timeshare back?

If you want to get your money back, you need to work with a timeshare exit company like Fastest Exit. We help our clients recover thousands of dollars each day.

Do not try to handle your own timeshare exit. You will not get your money back. Only 1.7% of people who attempt to exit their own timeshares are able to recover funds. (This number is actually lower for people who have vacation clubs.) Most people who attempt to handle their own exit actually end up upgrading and increasing their overall timeshare burden.

Fastest Exit does not recover the money you have paid to your timeshare resort for maintenance fees. Our services get you a release from your timeshare obligations to prevent future maintenance and assessment fees.

How do you get me out of my timeshare?

As ownership situations vary greatly, timeshare release techniques also vary greatly. We are timeshare professionals with years of experience dealing with resorts. Our team knows many exit options including ones that are not available to the general public or they’re expensive. Outside of our team, we have a network of partners who will leverage their expertise to help you have the smoothest exit possible.

Does your service involve selling me timeshare upgrades?

No, our goal is to get you and your family a release from your timeshare obligations. We will not set you back further from your financial goals.

What happens if Fastest Exit is unsuccessful at releasing me from my timeshare?

Fastest Exit guarantees that we will get you a release from your timeshare or we will give you a total refund in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed in our contract. We stand behind both our money back guarantee and our Fastest Exit guarantee.

What are the terms for your money-back guarantee?

Every customer that commits to Fastest Exit for their timeshare release receives a commitment from us in return. The customer is obligated to provide us with needed information in a timely manner and we are obligated to honor our money-back guarantee.

If we do not obtain an exit offer after 12 months, you get a refund of your exit fee. Please refer to the documentation you get during your consultation for more info.

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