“I’ve come to realize that buying a California timeshare was a mistake. Help!”

Sometimes people are happy with their timeshare agreement, other times they’re not.

When they’re not, we’re here to help.

It boils down to what rights do you have when it comes to canceling a timeshare purchase in California? Every state has its own laws. California happens to have extensive legislation covering timeshare transactions.

Can I Cancel A Timeshare Purchase In California?

Yes, you can, but you need to act quickly. In California, the state law gives you the right to cancel the contract and offers certain protections to the buyer.

In California, the timeshare developer must provide the buyer with a public report. That means the developer must disclose important information about the timeshare such as the developer’s name and address, a description of units, the costs and assessments for maintaining homeowners’ associations and common areas, financing options and information about how to cancel the purchase.

The law states that you have seven calendar days to cancel your contract after:

– The receipt of the public report, OR

– The date the purchase agreement was signed, whichever is later.

If you cancel within this time frame, by law the timeshare developer has to refund ALL of your money without penalty within 30 days of receiving your notice of cancellation.

How Do I Cancel The Timeshare?

To cancel the timeshare, you may either:

– Hand deliver a written notice to the developer, or

– Mail your cancellation notice to the developer address within the cancellation period.

What If I Need To Cancel After The Cancellation Period Has Passed?

Timeshare owners who no longer use their timeshare or can’t afford it any longer find it very difficult to sell their timeshare because there is no aftermarket for them.

If you took out a loan to pay for the timeshare and don’t make your mortgage payments, you could face foreclosure. In addition to the monthly mortgage payments, timeshare owners are usually responsible for maintenance fees, special assessments, utilities, and taxes. These are often referred to as “assessments”. If you fall behind in any payments of these assessments or your monthly mortgage payments, you will face foreclosure. That will severely affect your credit rating in all areas of your life.

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