Our Process

Learn how we will get you out of your timeshare.

Our timeshare exit process is fast and effective.


An exit consultant will speak with you over the phone and review the specifics of your unique case and contractual obligations to the resort. Issues to include the type of ownership, resort, property location, and your financial obligation will be discussed to create a holistic client profile. Once you have decided to work with us, a senior consultant with knowledge of your resort will go over your options and outline the best approach and options.


Members of the legal department and exit consultancy team will draft a strategy to legally cancel your contractual obligations. Fastest Exit partners with many legal, title, and financial firms to ensure the legal cancellation of all contracts undertaken.


Associates of the Fastest Exit legal and timeshare consulting departments will manage the affairs of the case on your behalf and ensure the exit process is successful. In the meantime, a dedicated account manager will provide all necessary documentation and be available to coordinate any issues or concerns expressed by clients over the course of the process. Most cases are successfully resolved within 60-90 days, although more complex cases can take up to 365 days.


You have finally relinquished all legal and financial obligations towards your timeshare contract and or vacation club membership. Once the exit process is finalized, we or a partner firm will provide you with written and formal verification from the resort declaring you are no longer responsible for the timeshare or vacation membership. You’ll be on the path to financial peace of mind.

Our process ensures you will always see the light at the end of the tunnel leading to freedom from your timeshare.

Get ready to exit your timeshare.

In order for us best to help you cancel your timeshare as quickly and safely as possible, we have provided below some questions that we will ask you during your consultation.

  • Is your timeshare paid-in-full, or are still making mortgage payments?
  • Who is the timeshare developer? What is the resort?
  • Is your timeshare located in the US, Mexico, Canada, or another country?
  • How long ago did you purchase your contract?
  • Do you have a deeded week or a points contract?
  • Are you current on your timeshare maintenance fees and mortgage, or are you in arrears?

Are you ready to exit your timeshare?

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