Back-end Settlement Services

Secure transfers and settlements.


In addition to timeshare cancellation services, Fastest Exit provides back-end settlement services for resort developers and vacation clubs who administer a property trade-in or equity transfer program. We are able to provide our services both domestically and internationally. Both vacation owners and resorts benefit from our years of experience in vacation ownership management experience.

We currently work with some of the largest resort developers in the industry. If you are a developer and interested in contacting us regarding back-end equity services, please contact us by email at

Benefits of Choosing Fastest Exit

Customer Service

By working with Fastest Exit, resort developers and their clients both benefit from our years of vacation ownership management experience. We serve as a point of contact for clients and keep them informed during the entire process.

Eliminate Encumbrances

Fastest Exit is able to eliminate debt owed to developers ensuring that the property transfer will be completed and the client’s credit will not be impacted.

Secure Transfer

Both resorts and their clients will have peace of mind knowing that the transfer will be completed securely and as quickly as possible.

Any Property

Fastest Exit is able to work with any property or membership in any country. We have years of experience facilitating even the most complex transfers.

Transfer Process


Our team will review and understand the client’s unique ownership situation. We’ll need to see all the paperwork during the on-boarding process so we can prepare for the transfer.


After we get all the paperwork, we will have a good understanding of the client’s ownership situation. Our team will be able to identify the best transfer strategy for the case.


Our team will manage the timeshare transfer process on while keeping both parties informed. Fastest Exit handles most transfers in 90 to 120 days if the client is paid in full and current on all fees. If the client still owes money or is behind on fees, the case should take between 10 and 12 months.


The transfer has finally been completed. Clients will receive confirmation documents showing that the transfer has been completed.